Loophole Pedals is a one-man operation, was founded in May of 2016 in Waxahachie, Texas. The business grew from a passion to reach the music community in a unique way while exercising a knack for business ventures. The founder, Mike Copeland, happily lives with his wife in the Waxahachie area.

After buying a defective Line 6 DL4 with broken switches and becoming frustrated with the status quo of the pedal industry, Mike became committed to learning how to repair, mod, and build stompbox effects. Once he discovered the practicality of improving existing circuits, he decided to begin selling his modification services. Today, Loophole Pedals offers dozens of modification services across many different brand names and effect types.

Upon graduating with his MBA from SAGU in the winter of 2017, Mike has had more time to invest in building a solid product line of pedals. The first drive pedal of many will be available early 2018!

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