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Introduction / First Post

Welcome to the Loophole Pedals blog.

The Beginning:

To start, Loophole Pedals began as a one-man operation in May of 2016. Since then, I have modded dozens of pedals, built a few, offered tone consultation, and have met hundreds of awesome musicians. We’ve been featured in popular online articles as well as personal social media posts. While I currently run the business part-time, I love the opportunities that the business brings as well as meeting new people.


My aim is to post a new blog entry each week. I encourage you, the musician and friend, to share on your facebook/social media pages.


The goals of this blog are…
1. Introduce and explain new mods, pedals, and gear.
2. Talk about different equipment options available.
3. Bring new information and not just spit out what everyone already knows.